Why you should use transparent stickers for your business

Transparent stickers, also called clear stickers or see-through stickers, are printed onto a see-through vinyl. These stickers can be incredibly useful for your business in a number of ways, offering a creative and flexible method of presenting your brand to your customers. Not to mention, the material is entirely waterproof and resistant to most weather and scratches, meaning that they are suitable for the outdoors. Let’s go through all the ways you can use transparent stickers and why this can be beneficial for your business.

Transparent stickers Printing - Printsys

Minimalist branding

One of the biggest advantages of transparent sticker printing in Singapore is that these stickers can help create a very minimalist aesthetic. These days, most brands have transitioned to using very minimal branding as it is a powerful and impactful way of marketing your brand. It strips back any excess flair so that it is a lot easier for people to recognise your brand instantly. If you have a brand with a minimalist aesthetic or are a brand trying to transition into minimalist branding, these transparent stickers would allow you to show off your logo in such a fashion without the need for any background colour. These transparent stickers work best with brands looking to emphasise simplicity and efficiency through these stripped-back transparent sticker designs. So you can ditch the plain-coloured backgrounds and work with only the branding that matters; the text or the logo and a clear background.

 Easier to show off your products

Transparent stickers are also an amazing way for brands to ensure that shoppers can see exactly what they are getting. These clear stickers allow brands to show their branding in a way that is very unobtrusive, allowing customers a much better view of the item they are potentially buying. Oftentimes, the best thing to convince someone to buy your product is the appearance of the product itself. This is especially true for things like food and beverage items, as they are all very pleasing to the eye. This makes it very problematic if you were to use a regular sticker to cover the packaging and obstruct the item from public viewing. Sometimes customers may even be deterred from buying a product that they are unable to properly see. That is why clear stickers can be one of the best solutions for this problem; you can brand your products while still allowing customers to take a peek at what is inside your packaging.

Better window signage

Transparent stickers are great for any glass or clear products, which include windows. With transparent stickers, you can create any type of signage to display on your window. If you are a restaurant, you can use a transparent sticker to display your branding on your window, or even display your hours of operation, all while not obstructing the view of the inside of your restaurant. This type of branding or signage can be used for any type of business from storefronts to cafes. With transparent stickers, you can even get ones that have a front adhesive, which means you can apply them to the inside of your windows so they can be seen from the outside, but they are still protected from the elements.


Transparent sticker printing in Singapore is also very versatile. With a transparent sticker, you can create a lot of unique effects. These wouldn’t really be possible with a traditional sticker. For instance, you can add transparent stickers to products with any sort of design. This means that no matter what your product looks like you can add your branding information to it without distracting from the product packaging design. This is especially useful if the packaging is vibrantly coloured or attractive in its own right. You can simply add your sticker on top of it and allow the packaging to take centre stage.

The best transparent sticker printing in Singapore

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