What are Fabric Labels?

Fabric labels are small labels either made of nylon, polyester, or taffeta, that are generally sewn on the inside of a completed piece of garment or on other products. A fabric label is printed to convey certain information to the product buyer. The company name, brand logo, care instructions, product information, etc, are included in these fabric labels. These are also considered custom sticker labels since a fabric label could be customized into different sizes, shapes, and colors.

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Printsys has been supplying fabric labels for many years to our esteemed clients. Some of our major clients include IBM, Iceman, and Suzuki. Fabric Labels can be used as a marketing tool to improve your company’s branding; they can also be attached to your staff’s uniforms to make them stand out, establishing a unique company outlook. The possibilities of using fabric labels as a form of marketing are endless and we would of course like to share with you our portfolio that we have done over the years. We always believe that your ideas and your creativity should stand out in what we print for you. Due to this very reason, we would like to meet you in person to go through with you about your requirements, as well as to share what we have done over the years. With what we share with you, you are free to decide whether our experience and expertise in the industry satisfy your fabric label printing requirement. You can also let us know your queries in terms of fabric labels and we can better advise you.

In terms of quality, our fabric labels are second to none and that is why we are able to work with many big companies on their fabric label needs. In terms of pricing, we do not say that we are the cheapest in the printing market but we can assure you that our pricing is economical and very much in tune with the market. We promise to deliver the best quality stickers under your budget.

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Do you know that Printsys does not only provide top quality fabric labels but we also provide other products & services such as Lexan Film, Hang Tags, and Car Decals? Visit our website to find more information about our printing services and inquire for more details.

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