Hologram Printing Services

Hologram stickers have recently become very popular. We often have customers inquiring about hologram stickers due to how widespread they have become. But what exactly are hologram stickers? Well, they consist of two or more images that are stacked in such a way that each is alternately visible, depending on the angle in which you view it from. This creates a very unique and striking multicolour effect.

How are our hologram stickers made?

Our hologram stickers are made using two layers, often a background and a foreground, or with three layers, with a background, middle ground and a foreground. With two-layer holograms the ink of the middle ground is superimposed over the ink of the background of the hologram, therefore showing a unique multilevel effect. Since these images have one or two levels of flat graphics printed on them, they look as though they are floating above or at the surface of the hologram sticker. The ink in the background appears to be under or behind the hologram, therefore creating the illusion of depth. The technology used here is very similar to what has been used to make red safety night reflectors for cars, bicycles and trucks. A clear laminate is also applied on the sticker, over the printed layer. This helps to protect the sticker in multiple ways. It ensures that the sticker is waterproof, and it also helps it resist fading due to sunlight. We then cut the stickers into your desired shape.

How You Can Use Hologram Stickers

These high-security and multi-colour features make hologram stickers very useful in a number of different industries, as they can be used in many different ways.

 For unique branding

Hologram stickers have an incredibly unique look to them that helps in promoting your business or brand to your customers. Since the sticker is very iconic, many of your customers will remember your brand very easily. It will also be very easy for your customers to quickly identify your products. It can also help convince more people to try out your brand, as they will inquire about the look of the sticker.

To add perceived value

Hologram stickers can be used on practically any surface, whether you are looking to add them to paper packaging, bottles or electronics. Since hologram stickers also look very high-end, with their stunning colours and unique look, using them in your branding can help your product feel a lot more premium.

For security

Security hologram stickers are often used in official documents like diplomas or certificates. These are often used to show authenticity. They can also be used on products or packaging for the same purpose.

This is because these stickers are very hard to counterfeit, giving brands a lot of protection from the effect of fake products using their brand name. Their construction involves several layers that are very hard to duplicate without the right equipment, which thereby avoids fraud and duplication for your organisation. Every company has its own technology when it comes to security hologram stickers. Keeping these processes private ensures authenticity when it comes to every sticker produced.

These hologram stickers can also be combined with consecutive serial numbers, QR codes, custom elements or other such identification codes for the purposes of identification and traceability. This can ensure that your products can all be verified for authenticity.

As a seal

Since hologram stickers can be used just like every other sticker, they can be used to help keep items secure when using these stickers for packaging. For example, they can be used to help seal letters, packaging boxes or parcels.

Use Printsys’ Hologram Printing Services

Being a leader in the sticker industry, Printsys has some of the best hologram printing services in the market, providing their hologram sticker printing to many prominent companies in Singapore. We always strive to provide the best possible solutions for our clients at the least possible costs, so try out our hologram printing services today!


•Product Label
•Computer Label
•Security Label
•Warranty Label
•Bar code Label
•Cut Out Sticker
•Tattoo Sticker
•Fabric Label
•Epoxy Sticker
•Hot Stamping
•Authentication Label
•Car Decal Sticker
•Window Sticker
•Membership Card
•Aluminium Plate
•Many more…
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